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The Little Red Wagon

Did you hear about the boy who stole baby Jesus from the manger?
I like to tell this every year. I heard it, but not sure where. It was the day after Christmas and the Pastor was catching up on some work at the Church when he heard something in the sanctuary. He knew he was supposed to be the only one working up there at the time.
When he heard the sound, the Pastor quickly got to the sanctuary just in time to see little Johnny from his congregation (not sure why "Johnny" gets blamed for everything) who was leaving out the side door from the front of the room by the organ there, and he had little baby Jesus in his arms, carrying him out the door. The Pastor could hardly believe his eyes since he'd known Johnny as an infant until now and knew him to be such a sweet little guy.
When Pastor caught up to him, he saw Johnny walking up the sidewalk with baby Jesus in the brightest little red wagon you ever saw. "Little Johnny, that you?" his Pastor asked. Little Johnny turned around with the biggest grin on his face with his two front teeth missing, looked up to his Pastor and said happily, "Yes Sir!" Pastor reprimanded Johnny, "Johnny, now didn't your parents teach you it's wrong to steal? Why did you take baby
Jesus from the Church?"
Johnny grinned from ear to ear and replied, "Yes Sir they did, but I told baby Jesus also a Story if He brought me a red wagon for Christmas,
I'd take Him for a ride in it!"
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