Tag Team for Jesus Christ
The Power of His Word

GOD saw me tossing to and fro,
My life was such a mess:
I didn't know which way to go
To live happily and blessed;
Then Jesus knocked on my heart's door
One glorious afternoon,
I opened the door and asked Him in:
Yes, I welcomed Him in the room.
I asked Him to forgive me of my every sin:
He did too, O, I'm so glad I asked Jesus in!
He is knocking now on your heart's door:
O, won't you ask Him in?
At first, I wouldn't let Him past the entrance;
Because I even set boundaries for Him.
Jesus is knocking, still knocking
On other doors in my heart:
He wants to empty each room,
So He can occupy every part.
I must decrease more and more
So Jesus may be seen and heard:
Less of me and all of Him,
Through the power of His Word.
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Psalma Mama
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