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The Power of Words

The world was not created without… words.
A day cannot be celebrated without… words.
A phone would never need to be rung;
A song: well, it could not be sung,
Without the hands, or the use of the tongue…
We can bring life or we can bring death with… words.
We can set them free, or else put them in a net with… words.
We can be healed, or our fate sealed,
When the enemy of our soul comes to kill with…words.
We can criticize and bring a person low;
Or we can give hope to a troubled soul.
Our tongue can drip honey like a honeycomb, with…
We can hurt, or we can heal
We can criticize, or understand how they feel;
We can use our tongue to bring cure, or ill
With our words.
What kinds of seeds are we sowing today?
We’re planting a crop by the words we say.
We will reap a harvest for sure one day,
From our… words!
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