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The Prince, the Princess and the Dragon

A woman was locked up in prison, bound by her own sins
Then someone who saw her value went and told the Prince:
The woman never dreamed she would meet a man of royal descent;
But, not only did she meet him: they fell in love
and she married the Prince.
He had more love in His little finger than she had in her whole being;
But after spending much time with her Love, she then began seeing
And learning while she was at his side, how to love like He did:
He revealed His secret dreams, nothing from her was hid.
He loved her so much and warned her there was
one who sought her life:
But that she would be protected as long as she stayed at His side.
He began to describe the monstrous winged creature
with enormous claws:
He said, "It breathes out fire with vengeance to
those I love just because
I chose them to live with me, and he wants them for his own
So he can rob them of their dignity, then leave them afraid and alone."
His Princess became alarmed by the description of the hideous thing;
"You need not fear," her Prince said, "I AM here,
only stay close to Me."
He held her and assured her she would always have all she needed,
And would be most fulfilled, as long as His Voice she heeded.
Their life together was so incredibly adventurous, and busy:
Never a disappointment, and never dull, nor easy.
Years later, the Princess said, "My Prince, I have a song to sing:
I wrote it just for you, for I am happier than I ever dreamed!"
"My altogether lovely Prince, thank You for choosing me:
You didn't look at what I was, You saw what I could be;
And now I'm growing in the love and mercy in You I see:
You reward me when I do good; even though my good is from Thee.
My altogether lovely Prince, thank You for choosing me."

Her Prince was very pleased with her love songs to Him:
He poured out many blessings to her; because
she was so thankful for them.
One day Princess opened a window she hadn’t opened before
She began to take for granted the protection of her Prince & Lord.
She remembered his warning not to stray away from his side;
But her curiosity got the best of her, she wondered what was outside.
She had only been within the confines of the castle yard:
And began to imagine her life’s struggles as being “too hard.”
As the Princess opened up the window,
she only meant to get one glimpse
Of the life she was missing, but she deceived herself in this!
As the Princess stuck her head out the window
to see what she could see,
Not knowing this was the stake-out ledge of her enemy,
All at once the “monstrous winged creature” she’d
been warned about
Snatched the Princess from the window, as she screamed out loud,
“Help me Prince, help me! Help me, Help me Pleeeeeease!”
As the crested headed merciless dragon flew away
with her above the trees.
The Prince heard the Lover of his soul, and knew what she had done;
For this had happened once before to another one:
“O my Love, my Fair One, why were you not content?”
Her Prince wept bitterly for her, knowing why she went.
It was clear, He must act quickly with vengeance on the dragon
For the ugly beast had only taken her as a retaliation.
But when the dragon got her out of the light, and into his cave,
He made the Princess think he was rescuing her from being a slave.
He let her sleep and when she woke she found he had blind-folded her eyes
Because he wasn’t finished putting on his disguise.
After he put on the sunshine costume, he looked like a shining light
And when he took her blind-fold off, she said, “My,
you sure do shine bright!”
“And what happened to that hideous dragon who hurt me
so bad with his claws?”
The deceiver said, “I fought him to the death; and threw him
off the waterfalls.”

The Princess was much impressed for him defending her that way;
And was captivated by his light and things he had to say:
After he wined her and dined her, and fed her food fit for a Queen;
Then he lavished on her fine gifts, and said he would love
to hear her sing.
As she began to sing to him, her voice travelled out of the cave
With these words: “Thank you for rescuing me from being a slave!”
Her Prince who was searching for her, heard his Bride singing.
Was she singing for another now? Was she to him clinging?
Why should He rescue her from somewhere she wanted to be?
And, why would she want to be where she was being deceived?
Maybe she didn’t know how she was being duped.
The Prince wondered, “Just how low has My Princess stooped?”
“If I can get the dragon into the light, my Princess will see he is cruel;
Then she will see she has been deceived when I challenge him to a duel.
Suddenly the Prince appears in the cave, and looks upon his Princess whom he wants to save.
“Then he looked at the dragon square in the eyes: and said, “You’re not a sunlight, you’re full of lies!”
“I challenge you to a duel, come out of this cave: I’ll show you the one Who is mighty to save!”

Now the dragon was in the light, the spell was broken; right then the eyes of the Princess were open.
She knelt with her face down in the dirt as she realized the heart of her Prince must hurt.
The dragon was furious that he could only blow smoke. The Prince just laughed when the dragon choked.
It only took one fast swoop of his sword, the Victory was won by her Prince and Lord!

Then the Prince saw his Bride, she was still face down:
He got down there with her and knelt on the ground.
He wrote her a love letter in the dirt, even though
he had been awfully hurt:
“I forgive you! Tell me you’ll be faithful till the end,
And I will never bring this up again.”


GOD’S grace in Dawn Gwin 06-30-15
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