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The Principles of Giving

Okay, so you've been taught about sharing what you have with others ever since you were a child. Another child would touch your toy and you would immediately grab it back and say to them, "Mine, Mine!"
When you became a child of GOD by being born-again, you got to learn the principles of giving: "If someone asks to borrow, turn not away;" "Give, and it shall be given unto you, for whatever you give out, it shall be given back to you;" "We reap what we sow;" and others.
So, what do you do when you become so deeply burdened because someone who says they are a "friend" has made it a habit to ask for money without paying it back. They ask for more money, and a little later, more money. The Lord told us, "My commands are not grievous." (Matthew 11:30.) When it is the Lord wanting you to give, it will not burden you. If you continue to help someone displease the Lord by being a user, you start feeling resentful toward that person, and hardened in your heart toward them.
What comes next is, you repent to GOD that you no longer have a generous spirit, you don't want to give, and you feel guilty. That is not GOD's way. He is not the one burdening your heart about it. "The devil is out to steal, kill, and destroy." Don't let those who won't honor the Lord with their substance, keep withdrawing from yours, or else you won't be honoring
the Lord with your substance.
Can it ever be right to help someone be dependent on you, instead of on GOD? You don't want to be the one in GOD's way, keeping Him from teaching them, or else He may use them to chasten you.
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