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The Reasons

The reason I can love you no matter what you do
It's all because GOD loved me first, and He loves you too!
And, the reason I can forgive you for the words you say,
And for the wrongs you have done, for treating me that way;
It's all because my GOD, He has forgiven me so much
I didn't deserve His goodness, that's when
He gave His healing Touch.
And the reason I don't talk behind your back anymore:
About all the things you lack, and how you've hurt me to the core;
It's all because the penalty of your sins and mine
Were paid for at the Cross when Jesus suffered all that time!
And, It's all because GOD's multitude of grace is poured on me
Each morning afresh, though I've sinned so terribly.
The reason I am sorry and can repent of my every sin,
It's only because GOD gave me a new heart
when I was born-again.
The reason I was born-again is because Jesus knocked on my door,
I answered it and asked Him in, and confessed, "Jesus is Lord."
I know He'll knock on your door too: when He does, please ask Him in.
Then He will break your chains and free you from the power of sin.
You will still fail at times, but since your heart will be brand new:
You won't stay down long, because His power will live in you.
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