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The Secret to Success

I remember when the Lord started dealing with me when He said,
"Stop telling people what you're going through.
Talk to Me about it, then tell them what you came out of!
I know your needs: didn't I say I would supply them?
Didn't I tell you when you honor Me with your substance
by giving the little you have in abundance; didn't I say I would
pour out in abundance back to you? Yes, I did."
We don't overcome the devil by talking about our woes
We don't defeat him by saying we want new clothes
We don't fight with weapons of fear and complaining;
Crying cause the sun's behind the clouds, and it is raining.
We overcome the evil one by the blood of the Lamb,
Jesus Christ, GOD's Son: The great I AM!!
We defeat him with our faith and the power of our words
Believing what He said, and living out what we have heard.
We fight and win when we've been born again
We have enough when we give enough, for it is to GOD we lend.
The secret to success is: I John 3:21-24
(In a nutshell, Love people like we're supposed to in our
thoughts, words, and actions;
believe in the Name of Jesus,
and to have a clear conscience before GOD. Amen).
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