Tag Team for Jesus Christ
The Throne Room

I met Him in a trash heap, and there He lifted me
From sin and all that it entails, in deepest misery!
I said, "Jesus, why did You come here? Weren't You afraid You'd be seen?"
He said, "My Eyes were on you, it doesn't matter what they think!"
He said "Father sent Me to pull you out and to rescue you from sin:"
He took me to the entrance of the Throne Room & said, "My Child, you can Enter in."
"From the trash heap to the Throne Room?" I said, "Lord, how can it be?
Why would You bend so low again and take the risk of getting dirty for Me?"
Jesus said, "It is because Father & I see what you're going to be:
We love you for who you are and see much more than you can see!"
He showed me how to come boldly into His Throne of Grace:
I was already His daughter but had strayed from the Secret Place.
That Place is His Presence, filled with holiness, safety, and love:
From the trash heap to the Throne Room, to find His grace really is ENOUGH!
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