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The Unlovely

A friend of mine wanted to know how I love "the unlovely." I would love to share the night I remember The Lord dealing with me about how much I didn't love people.
I was watching a movie and the Lord said in my spirit, "Listen to your thoughts about people. Are they patient, and kind, or are they short-fused, and critical?"
That was after I had watched to about the middle of the movie. Before The Lord stepped in and asked me that question, I was having thoughts in the movie about the people that weren't good like, "That guy's stupid for doing that" or "That girl's so disrespectful!" (And she was, and the man was but the reason they were acting that way, it showed later, is because her Mom/his Wife had passed away a year before that.) The Dad had busied himself with drinking and staying away from home, while the daughter got into drugs, and leading a promiscuous life. I was talking so badly about both of them before I knew they were just acting out their pain. That's when The Lord started showing me that my heart wasn't loving toward people. It hurt me so bad that I would have thoughts like that toward another human being.
My grandmother used to say often, "We don't know why people do the things they do." I got to where I would mock her behind her back to make someone laugh. When I knew grandmother was getting ready to say it in her next sentence, I would mouth it behind her back, over her shoulder so the person there could see.
That's what was stupid: me doing that and disrespecting my grandmother.
If you want to know GOD's love for you, read I Corinthians Chapter 13 and everywhere the word "Love" or "Charity" is, put "GOD" and add the words, "with me." For instance, Instead of saying it like, "Love is patient; love is kind," say, "GOD is patient with me; GOD is kind with me."
Sure hope this helps somebody. The Lord Jesus bless it to your heart from GOD our Father, with understanding and wisdom to apply it. May He give it to mee tooo!
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