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The Water at the Well

I pray this blesses your heart.
This morning I went to draw from the well
Ahh, it can fill an empty shell;
We can hear it and be made well,
And it can stop each act of hell:
Isn't the Word of GOD so wonderful?!
The living water restores and revives
It can keep a soul alive
Even make it want to thrive
It can heal a hurt that cuts like a knife:
O Isn't the Word of GOD just so wonderful?!
The water at the well made me willing
I didn't have to wait for a feeling
It has given my life new meaning
I thought at first that I was dreaming:
Because the Word of GOD is so wonderful!
The very power of its presence
Diverts every interference
It can change a Judge's rule
And it can make the demon's drool:
WOW! The Word of GOD is simply wonderful!
It can lighten any dark pathway
GOD will not only meet you halfway
The well water makes all things pass away
Bringing new things in our life to stay:
What I'm trying to say is:
It cannot lie, it will not fail you
It will never annihilate, nor ail you;
It will evermore endure, and it is the ultimate cure
For a heart and soul that is aching,
Bleeding, torn apart, and breaking!
O, let there be no mistaking:
It is unconquerable, and unchanging:
Isn't the Word of GOD just so wonderful?!

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