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The Wedding and the Feast

Say! Did you hear or read about that man and woman who someone beat up really bad just for being invited to a Wedding? I guess that meant they didn't want to go. Several people had been invited to attend and each one had one excuse or another, but why did some who gave the invite have to get hurt?
The Dad sent out all his children except for his first born son, and told them to go invite people left and right to his son's Wedding, but the ones invited were not willing to come. I wonder why? Could it be it would mean they would have to go to the time and difficulties to work harder to earn the money to pay for their travel expenses, tuxedos and dresses; plus, it would be an all-day event, counting the travel time, and getting ready and having to look and be at their best? The Dad said of those who refused the invite, "Forget them! Do not beg them; if they do not want to come because they want to, they are not worthy to attend, and will not be welcome." Do you ever think about how much the Dad wanted for his son, that he even asked his children's friends to go out and invite guests to his son's wedding; this time the Dad told them, "Do not be picky. Invite the poor, the rich, the crippled, the lame, the blind, those who can see, the deaf, the mute, the sick, the well, the good and the bad, just whoever wants to come! Tell everyone they are invited and there is plenty of food to go around, so don't let that stop them from coming, because I have already done the shopping and my deep freezers are full. The hunters got us a couple of deer on their hunt, and I had one of my own angus steer
butchered for the occasion."
But, everyone seemed to make light of it for some reason, especially the ones who beat up the Dad's children's friends. The Dad was so furious and pressed charges on the abusers. This second time around of inviting folks got a huge gathering, until the Wedding Hall was filled with guests.
The Dad was overjoyed for he knew his son would be; but when he scoped out the room and looked at every guest, the Dad was deeply troubled at what he saw: there was one guest who had managed to slip in who did not have on the proper attire. He was dressed in jeans, dirty ones at that, with a torn sleeveless shirt, as if to mock everyone who was dressed in their best. When the Dad asked the man, "Friend, how did you get in without the proper dress?" The man looked up at him and was speechless.
Now, the worst thing about all of this was, the Dad was a king. Not only "a" king, but The King of all kings. This is the story in Matthew 22 that Jesus told. The story ends by the Dad (The King) calling in His servants to tie up the intruder, hand and foot; then He told them to "Cast him into outer darkness: there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth" the King demanded.
In the previous chapter 21:43 Jesus warns those who take lightly their inheritance, those who refuse to repent and follow Him: "The kingdom of GOD will be taken from you and given to a nation bearing the fruits of it."
Let us purify our hearts and not be double-minded, but follow our King,
Jesus Christ the Lord.
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