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The Word Of GOD In Me

I cannot bear your burdens, unless I have The Word of GOD in me;
I cannot give you any real comfort, nor help you to victory,
I cannot ease your troubles, I cannot walk beside you
Unless I am walking with The Word of GOD here beside me too!
The Word of GOD is the Life of Jesus in power and great glory!
I just want you to know, The Word of GOD is more than a story.
Lord, I cannot understand what they go through, or hear You show me their needs,
Nor can I care like they need me to care, and see when their heart bleeds;
Unless I deny myself like You did, take up my cross and follow Thee:
So help me to walk, to sing, and to pray The Word of GOD in me.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 03-14-15
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