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They are Watching Your Life

The Lord let us know, “Those who desire to live godly, will suffer persecution.” So, why are we so stunned when we do? Sometimes it is from our own household; many times we suffer mockings and talkings behind our back from our own family members, which can be quite painful. We are rejected by those we love and are not accepted because we aren’t willing to watch and/or listen to the same things they are willing to scar their minds with. They say, “It’s just a little bad in a couple of parts, and that’s all.”
Then there are others who don’t understand why Christian’s suffer so many things. “Why doesn’t GOD help them more?” they ask.
“Is a servant greater than his Master?” Jesus once asked. No, of course not. I would a whole lot rather suffer a few laughs behind my back by me pleasing the Lord, than to walk in shame before Him when I see my loving Father Face to face; and when I see Jesus, the One Who interceded for me to our Father for so many years. The One Who pleaded with our Father on my behalf, Who bought me and taught me, sought me, and brought me all the help I ever needed in my mind, my will, and my emotions. He teaches me from The Words of GOD what my responses should be toward others who wrong me. He tells me, “Bless those who persecute you, and curse not.” And remember, Don’t let someone else’s dill pickle make your sweet one sour! Pray for them, because they know something is missing from their life, and GOD will have to show them what it is; but don’t join in with the same talk, the same walk they’re doing, when you know it would displease the Lord. They are watching your life and listening to your language to see if you’re a real Christian, or “a hypocrite.” The Lord hasn’t dealt with them about it yet like He does you, so don’t you dare condemn them either. Love them: be patient and kind and let them see Jesus in you, not a Pharisee who points the finger at every wrong action because he/she thinks he/she is perfect.
The Lord bless you with Happy Thoughts as you walk in kind patience today!
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