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Things That Come & Go but Make Us Happy
While They’re Here

Visits with those we love
The Fragrance of Rain after a drought
A Song
A Delicious Meal
Diamonds on the water
A Rainbow
Time off work/A Vacation
Change of Seasons
Good Health
Things money can buy
Youth (whether our own, or a loved one, or a newborn, or baby animal)
Fragrances & Beauty of Flowers
A Fisherman’s Good Catch
Receiving a Trophy, Prize, Award or Ribbon
A Card, a Text, a Letter, a Phone call, or Email from someone who cares.
All of these bring happiness and a smile on our face. Then there are a couple of things that bring everlasting joy that doesn't have to go away, not ever: Our First Love when we first meet the Lord: (Don’t lose the wonder)
When we fall in love with our spouse, and marry them, if we get lazy, we can let ourselves stop living for the other person, and become boring and complacent. I encourage you to keep the pizazz, keep them smiling, keep praying and seeking The Lord together.
Also, A Word of truth can be lasting (but is lost if we do not treasure it as a most prized possession. Like the parable of the sower, we can keep that great liberating truth as a prized treasure, if we hang on to it. When GOD shows us a truth that we know will bring freedom to an area of our life, we quickly write it or type it on a sheet of paper and put it on our wall so we'll see it off and on throughout the day. "Keep them in the midst of your heart; don't let them depart from your eyes, for they are life
to those who find them, and health to all their flesh."
The Lord bless you as you find and keep them.
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