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Psalma Mama aka Dawn Gwin

Think on These Things

Well, since I'm not allowed to worry about mine or yours
And I'm not supposed to fret over evil doers,
I'd like to share with you some thoughts this truth brings
Coz' the Lord said, remember, "Think on these things."
I like to think about The Lord of course, first of all
Remembering the ways He answers me when I call
I like to think on words to songs, so I won't give in to worrying
I like to slow things down with praise while the world around me is hurrying.
I like to think about my husband as he goes about his day
Knowing GOD is answering all the prayers for him I prayed:
I like to think about my children and offer prayers for them
Also for my grands, that GOD will get their thoughts on Him.
I like to think about my friends, (I really miss them too)
I like to think about my encouragers, and many of them are YOU.
I like to think on words you have posted that mention the Lord:
So I can keep knowing Him better and each day love Him more!
I like to think on Scriptures in the Bible and how to relate
I like it when the Lord gives understanding as I wait.
I like it when it's quiet and I can't hear any thoughts:
That's when GOD speaks; O, how I love our talks!!