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Think on Your Love for Me

I used to see a child hide behind their Daddy's leg, or behind their Mama's skirt back then and I thought, "Aww, they're just "shy."
Now I see them hide, and I realize they are really "afraid," and I pray for them to know how to respond to people. Children have to be taught by their parents, or someone, how to respond to other people.
Yesterday I met the sweetest little girl about 4 or 5 years of age, her name is Katie. I am so proud of her Christian parents who teach Katie how to act around other people. She was so friendly, and helpful when she saw a need she could meet in others around her. How beautiful to see love acted out in a child, instead of fear. I was facing the wall where no one could see me, had my eyes closed and was talking to the Lord for a minute, when I felt someone standing before me. I opened my eyes and Katie was just standing there looking at me. She was so, so adorable, and loving!
A "shy" really "fearful" child grows up to be a fearful adult. When I first became a Christian, and realized GOD loved me no matter what, and He wanted me to learn that love, I wanted to know His love more than anything. I wanted to know its height, its depth, its length, breadth, width. I not only wanted to know it, it was something I HAD to know: I had to have the understanding of what it meant and how to walk in it. Then I saw the Verse in the Bible that says, "He who fears cannot be made perfect in love." and "Fear has torment." Does it ever! I knew that torment well every time I had to speak in front of a crowd; even if it was only to say my name and where I was from when I was in a group setting and they were going around the room asking everyone to do the same. I would visibly shake when I knew my turn was coming up. That fear was "torment" just like the Lord tells us in His Word. It tore me up when I found out I couldn't be made perfect in love if I feared people, so I asked GOD what I should do. He then pointed me to a Verse that says, "Perfect love casts out all fear." He taught me and is still teaching me, when I get around people, just LOVE THEM. He started teaching me that when I was asked to lead worship with my guitar and sing in front of everyone at Church. The preacher got up and read Scriptures before I was to start worship, and I didn't hear a word he said: all I could hear were the thoughts in my head, "You are going to flub up and you know it." and "O no, what if my guitar got out of tune on the way here?" and many other stressful thoughts. Then Jesus met me in my thoughts and said so gently, "You are being selfish. You are not thinking on Me, or on the people, you are thinking on how you look, how you will sound, and how you will come across. Try loving the people, and loving Me and only singing to Me. Walk in love! Don't think about what you'll say: think about the needs of the people and on your love for Me, and the fear will go away, for "perfect love casts out all fear." It worked! Every week it got to be less and less when I would remember His very helpful words:
"Walk in love! Don't think about what you'll say: think about the needs of the people and on your love for Me, and the fear will go away, for perfect love casts out all fear."
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