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Think on the Prize

A few words of encouragement:
Just keep your aim toward the finish line
As long as you’re running, you’ll be alright
Jesus gave you the gear, and it’s in tact
So, keep moving forward, and don’t look back.
Don’t think on the wretch you were, think on the Prize
Be a believer all the way to the river, till you behold Jesus Christ!
Think like He does and be tenderhearted:
Don’t keep dwelling on those whom have parted.
There’s work to be done that GOD called you to do
Will you surrender and let Him use you?
He will not train you then send you out:
He will equip you as you go about.
Make yourself available to Him and see
Just how much fun it is to be
Out there listening for His Voice and leading,
Feeling the hurt in the hearts that are bleeding.
There’s no higher high, and there’s no greater feeling
Than being dependent on the powerful love you’ll be seeing!!
People’s hearts are softer and more open in this Season
So get out there and listen to GOD’s leading, for that reason.
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