Tag Team for Jesus Christ
This Thing Called Life

Father, I couldn't do this thing called Life
If You hadn't sent Your Son, Jesus Christ
To walk by my side, in Whom I can hide
Who lived, Who shed His Blood and died,
Who rose from the grave so I could rise:
Thank You for the promise of newness of life!

A precious Missionary friend of ours has a saying. When his children complain when they have to do chores, this daddy shouts out,
"Life is hard,
then you die!" Everyone laughs who is within hearing range because he says it so joyfully. It is true, "Life is hard and then you die" but there's something in the middle, and that is,

We're walking and talking with a living GOD
On the same trail as the pilgrim's trod
Without strength and courage, we are not
Because we're walking and talking with a living GOD.
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