Tag Team for Jesus Christ
Through Every Part of Me

Lord Jesus, in the days we are living in
So many are hardening their heart
Taking things so personal
Forgetting what we're here for!
O GOD, I have almost done the same thing:
But how can I turn off my heart,
When You have done so much for me:
And stuck with me from the start?!
I've been tempted to say, "Forget them"
About the ones who won't show love back;
I am ashamed that has been in my thoughts Father;
Forgive me please, for all that I lack.
I apologize Lord, for I am reminded,
There's no shadow of turning, with You:
You keep on loving, guiding, and pursuing me
And will my whole life through.
So today, I yield my mind, afresh
To Your Word and to Christ's thoughts:
I surrender my eyes, my ears, my mouth to You Lord;
Remembering I have been bought.
I am Yours, and You are mine;
Your grace is sufficient for me:
So do with me as You will my Lord,
Through every part of me.
There is so much work to do
Let me not think on myself:
May there be nothing in my heart
Except love, and not anything else!
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