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To Not Forsake Assembling Together

I was talking with a gentleman and his wife the other day
Who told me they were Christians, and often liked to pray:
They seemed awful lonely, without a speck of friends;
I asked them where they went to Church, and both of them grinned.

I smiled and asked, "What's that about?" The husband
then explained:
He said, "We worship here at home, and we don't feel ashamed."
Now, I could understand if it was every now and then:
Or, if they were elderly, and couldn't drive their van;
I wanted to encourage my Christian Sister and Brother;
So I reminded them of the Bible Verse, to not forsake
assembling together.
The man reminded me of a Verse too when he said, "Here's one more:
"Where two are more are gathered in the Name of The Lord...."
I prayed, "Father, what should I say in peace and from Your Son?"
He said, "Tell the husband and wife, "But, you are
not "two", you are ONE."
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