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Have you seen the video of the crow caught in the grizzly bear's water pond? That crow could find nothing to grab hold of to pull himself out. He flapped his wings and flapped, and he screamed and he squealed, making an awful noise, while the grizzly was over at his plate of food, munching out on some raw veggies. The squawking bird kept on till the grizzly took notice, walked over to where the crow was, knelt down and drew the panicked bird out with his claw, brought his paw... to his mouth and grabbed it ever so gently with his mouth, walked it over to the sandy land and dropped it; then went on about his business while the bird lay there in shock, both for not being eaten, and for not drowning. It didn't matter to the crow who saved his life, he just knew he needed saving, and the big grizzly bear is the only one who could do the saving. Now, that's a true story, a very touching one at that!
There was another story about a monkey who had fell from a tree limb in the jungle right smack down in the middle of some quicksand. Like that bird, that monkey was squawking and squealing until a tiger came running to his rescue, backed up to the sinkhole and stretched out his tail as far as he could but it still wouldn't reach, so the tiger went for help. Meanwhile, here came the zebra who had compassion on the hairy fur ball. She stretched out her neck and thought to pull the chatterbox out with her teeth grabbing his top-knot, but it wasn't reaching either. The baboon couldn't help him, the very long snake wrapped his tail around the same limb the monkey fell from, clung to the limb with his tail while dropping his long body down as he swung himself above the quicksand, and stretched himself even further. Still, he was just out of reach of the crying monkey. The tiger ran to get help and brought back the elephant who stood taller than any others in the jungle. The elephant stood at the edge of the sinkhole, put out his powerful trunk, and right before the monkey went under, this powerful mammoth quickly wrapped the end of his trunk around the monkey's head and pulled him right out, then he told the monk to slide down his trunk, onto his back. The monkey was pulled to safety and he and the very large mammoth became best friends for life after that!
Now, you already know that was not a true story, the Lord just put it in my spirit this morning to let us be reminded: sometimes we cry out for help and one person after another tries, and someone else feels compassion and does what they can, but when it's all said and done, we know there is only one Who can help us now, Jesus Christ. He may be the first One you call out to, or He could be your last resort. Either way, He is there to rescue you when you call out His Name... "Jesus, save me!"
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