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Too Hard to Push

Years ago after graduating gospel clown ministry school in Houston, TX., I was asked to be in the Macy's Parade. I prayed about it and didn't feel led. I wanted to be a hospital clown only. But if I had agreed to be in the parade, I thought about getting about 6' of the largest links of chain I could find. I would then walk through the parade, and yell out as I went, "Ask me why I'm pulling this heavy chain." And when the people ask me, "Why are you pulling that heavy chain?"... I'll say, "Because, it's too hard to push! It's kind of like our past, ya better keep it behind ya. It's too heavy otherwise!"
Whoever it is you need to forgive, make a decision you will forgive them today. Let it go. You can't be forgiven by GOD yourself until you do. Paul in the book of Philemon taught Timothy "If someone has wronged you, put that on my account."
Jesus took their sins on Himself, just like He took yours, so see Jesus suffering for their sins, and for yours on the cross? It will help you to say aloud, "Jesus, thank You for taking my sins and their sins (name the person or person's) on Yourself."
You might express to the Lord what they did to offend you, but don't stay on the subject too long. Hurry and add to your prayer, "Bless them Lord with Your salvation; forgive them, and cleanse every trace of their sin, and prepare them for Heaven I pray in Jesus' Name, thank You, Amen." And every time they come to your mind, hurry and pray something like this for them, so no other thought comes into your mind about what they've done or said. Pray for them good things until the temptation to think on the offense goes away. Whatever it is holding you back from being in the center of GOD's will, and being all you can be, leave it behind, like that heavy chain.
Father, I pray for the one reading this. If there is anything in their life weighing them down, holding them captive at satan's will, keeping them from the blessings of GOD in their life, including full joy, in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord, that power is broken off of them right now. I ask Father, for healing of their emotions, and that You bring them to complete freedom in this area until they can say, "Bless the Lord O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy Name; for He has done, is doing, and will do great things." Amen
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