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Trust in Me With All Your Heart

I heard this today from GOD. He continued, "And on your own understanding, My child, lean not.
It will bring health to your bones, and the rest of your body too. Acknowledge Me in all your ways; that's the right thing to do.
I thought on this awhile, and wondered what it meant: I asked for the understanding to be Heaven sent; then in a still small Voice inside my spirit, He made it plain: He said, "It is really quite powerful, listen and I'...ll explain.
Has someone with a hardened heart caused you to need My help? I AM the Maker of hearts, I can cause the wax in theirs to melt."
"And call on your Financial Advisor, that's Me... when you're in a fix. No one is able to guide your heart and direct your steps like your Shepherd is!
And, are you in need of wisdom, and understanding too? Acknowledge Me as The One Who knows what is best for you. I see you want to prosper, and desire to have good success: Acknowledge Me in all your ways, and I will direct your paths.
Don't forget to work out your salvation with fear and trembling too: it is only because I love you, that I chasten you. I never intend to harm you: only to direct and guide. After all, I AM your Father: and I have a plan your life."
Taken from Jeremiah 29:10-12, and Proverbs 3:5-7, Amen.
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