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Father, I just want to thank You for "Truth."   Some people don't realize there is one truth in every area, Sometimes You drop it in our lap, but other times we just have to seek it out. Sometimes Lord, I am so puzzled as to why a great number of people don't seem to want the truth, but a lie. The truth is so refreshing, invigorating, liberating, and I can't help but say, it is so clean! Father, the more I read Your Word, the more I see, You will never break covenant with us, but we can neglect the great salvation You offer; we can have a form of godliness, but not walk in the power; we can break covenant with You. That is sure frightening, but sobering, and that truth keeps me humbling myself before You; keeps me in my rightful place, and helps me to honor Your place as Lord of my life. Be Lord over my personality I pray. Walk me out of my detachments I have grown accustomed to, and safe in. Let me know love in the hidden person that I am deep inside where I have protected myself from pain for so long. If it is Your will that I make myself vulnerable in areas that show my weaknesses, so that Your strength can be made strong, and You want to use it to bring a wandering child home, then so be it. I love You and thank You for loving me when I was at my worst. How can I ever forget it?
Your light pulled me out of every dark place;
Your kindness and mercy fills every empty space;
Your forgiveness unchained me; and when the devil framed me,
You defended me, and renamed me... a beautiful, secret name.
You've got me hooked on Your care and provision;
Your grace and intervention; and maybe I failed to mention
The fact that You will never change, gives me daily comfort that You'll remain the same.
How can I help but love You back,
When You've always provided anything I lack,
Since the day I met You Heart to heart.
Hallelujah You will never leave, You have been with me from the start.
And Jesus, O how I love Your Name!! I want everyone to know why it is You came.
I ask You to remove the blindfold Lord, from these I mentioned to You before.
Enlighten their eyes, for they grope in the dark; then for Your glory, transplant their heart.
In Jesus' Name, Thank You Father, Amen.
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