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Okay, I'm going to make myself very vulnerable here, and tell you guys a secret peculiar problem I have. I'm not sure why I'm making it known... maybe it's just in case you're ever around me and need to know.
When I am in a situation and need to vocalize some very important information to someone quickly who is with me, something happens. To explain, I will give only two scenarios that are painful for me to recall; but my husband recalls them with much laughter at my expense.
The first one I remember is when my husband was driving and I was in the passenger seat when all of a sudden, I saw a large deer just about to run out into our path. Instead of saying, like a normal human being would, "Honey, a deer... hurry and get over!" I pointed toward the deer and my tongue got so tangled up in my excitement and I yelled out something like, "Wooga booga hooga!" or something I never heard come out of my mouth before. Now if I had said what I was supposed to, my husband would have had plenty of time to get over, but instead, he wrinkled up his face and said very curiously, "What are YOU saying?" About that time, the deer hit my door, his hoof hit my side mirror, and off he went into the woods without us having a horrible accident. We went back to see if we could find the deer and help it, but there were no signs of her anywhere. We had to have the door replaced.
Another time, my husband and I decided to sell our desk that was under our carport to a woman who really wanted it. When she came to get it, my husband took off the tarp that had been on it for some time, and when he began tugging on it and pulling it off, I saw a copperhead snake on the left side of where he was pulling it. It was close to his hand, and there I went again, very anxious this time and inside of myself I was saying, "Get AWAY, there's a snake!" but all that would come out of my mouth was something like, "WOOGA BOOGA HOOGA MOOGA!!!!"
My Honey George just looked at me funny while he was still close to the snake, and said to me, "What in the world are you saying? Why are you talking like that?" (I had no idea why.) By then, I was about to hyper ventilate, as I calmed myself down and pointed at where the snake was and said very slowly, "THERE'S A POISONOUS SNAKE BY YOUR HAND!!"
Thank GOD Honey did not get bit, but he could have, no thanks to me.
From then on, if I get to talking with words that don't mean a thing and I seem a bit anxious, my husband knows to get out of the way.
Now, I said all of this to say, I believe GOD pays attention to us, and He wants us to pay attention to those around us enough to know what it is they're really saying.
Maybe someone you know is acting angry at the littlest ole' thing. It could be they just need someone to sit down with them and listen to what's really troubling them on the inside. We get angry too at people when we don't understand them, but maybe that's why they're the way they are... because no one takes the time to hear what the root cause is to what's bugging them. Let's be attentive to those around us, and offer a kind word to the rude checker at the store, or offer prayer to someone who is being difficult to be around. After all, that's what we're here for, right?
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