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We Can Sure Learn A lot from Children
I was on the phone one night with my youngest son Dwight who has a four year old precious little man named, Hunter.
That night Dwight told me something that had just happened. He said, "Mom, I haven’t got to be home too much lately with the increased hours at work, so Hunter is missing me.”
Dwight went on to tell me this story: “It's the cutest thing: every night when I tuck Hunter in bed, and we finish our prayers, and give lots of hug...s, Hunter will say, “Daddy, will you check on me this many times?” Hunter holds up all ten fingers and keeps flashing them and says, “Will you count Dad?” I count with him, and say, “10, 20, 30, 40…90, 100, 200,(and just to be silly, I count this way till he stops flashing his fingers) “… 500, 600, 700, 804? WOW! That’s a lot of times, but I’ll be back to check on you through the night. Now go to sleep.”
Dwight continued, “If I’m not back to check on him before he goes to sleep, he comes in the living room and says, “Daddy, you’re not checking on me.”
"Well, last night at bedtime, after the same ritual, Hunter said, “Daddy I want you to lay with me too", so I laid with him. Then he said, "Dad I want you to put your head on my pillow", so I did that too. “Will you check on me this many times?” “Yes, I’ll be here, now go to sleep.” “I went in his room in a bit to check on him and he was sound asleep: I rubbed his little leg and kissed his sweet little face and left.
This morning Hunter came in there where I was, and with his hands on his hips, he gave me the saddest face and stated in disappointed, “Daddy, you didn’t check on me last night!”
I told him, “Yes I did…I even rubbed your leg and kissed your face.” “You did?” Hunter asked sweetly with his face now beaming.”
Dear one, isn’t this the way we are with our Heavenly Father? I am. At times I think I talk to Him just to make sure He’s still there. We want Him to check on us “this many times”, but He is always here, and will never leave. Isn’t this comforting! And let me reassure you, GOD never sleeps either. GOD is not too busy, and nothing gets by Him either. Maybe His Head is on your pillow at times, when you need to feel Him extra close.
If you want to understand how God loves you, see how you love your child, and add to that. If you want to know how you behave towards God, see it in your child.

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