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We are Under His Shadow

I'm hearing a lot of hate talk around. Some are saying things like, "They don't need me? I don't need them." or, "They don't like the way I'm living?
Forget them!"
Hmm. That bothers me, because what if GOD doesn't like the way they're living? Do they forget Him too? Someone may not need you; but they need Jesus Who lives in you! Do you only love those who show love to you back? Do you only want to be with those who pat you on the back, and make you feel good? Isn't that the way people act who want you to buy what they have? They can "act" so loving, unless you show them you are not interested in their product, then they can turn on you like a nest of hornets.
We had a guy come to our house selling home security alarm systems. He was so nice, and funny, and seemed interested in any subject we got on. I brought up how good the Lord is, and he was on it: he was singing GOD's praises right along with me... until we told him, "We already have an alarm system": GOD told us when we dwell in the secret place of the Almighty, we are under His Shadow, and no evil will befall us." The guy laughed mockingly and said, "HAHA, that's a good one." I wasn't angry with him because I knew he didn't really know the Lord, or he would have understood what I said.
Instead, he got angry and even rude, a little loud, and arrogant. I didn't let it move me. Oh well, he just had to get over it. I still love him and showed him kindness because I remembered when Jesus said, "If you love those who love you, what reward you think you're going to get" Some people who say they are "Christian" are only nice around other "Christians," but that's all the love you see.
Jesus talked about that in Matthew 5:46-47. Let this be a reminder to love at all times, and to love "as" we are loved by GOD, and to "Love one another" even if we're not loved back. They are resisting Jesus in you, not you,
if you are following Jesus.
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