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What Kind of Love is This?

JESUS, while on earth how did You love affectionately knowing all that You did?
All their imperfections: from You, none of them were hid.
And, however did You love sincerely the one You knew would betray?...
You knew he would love money more than love You, and go behind Your back that way.
JESUS, how could You love Your chosen disciple, knowing he would deny You soon? In fact, how could You even choose him, knowing he would say he didn't know you?
What kind of love is this...
That You would cry for them who mocked You,
"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do?!"
This love as strong as death, I simply have to learn
The love that thinks beyond myself when I am spat upon.
The love that sees another's needs with no thought to my own...
The love that gives up all for Christ, to sanctify His home.
My body is Your temple Lord, teach me to have Your Mind,
Your Heart, and Your will too JESUS, to please our Father all the time.
*My child, you asked Me a question: I will answer it for you.
I can love this deeply, without reserve too; for I know the reasons they do
what they do. I saw their beginnings, and I saw yours, too.
I can love sincerely, knowing they only love themselves;
Because, love isn't based on what I know about them...
But on love itself.
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