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What Now?

Honey George and I are excited to go pick up a rescue lab who has been in a shelter for 5 very long years. If any of you have read my story "New Best Friend" in the Chocolate Chip Morsel book, you would think I knew this was going to happen, but I had no clue. The story just came to me from the Lord to write. It is happening just like that story though where the dog used to get up and come close to the bars whenever someone would come in to pick a dog out, and he would wag his tail until he saw the people weren't interested in him, then he'd tuck tail and go lay down.
Charlie is his name, and we get to pick him up Wednesday. They said he would probably be very frightened for a while, but we're asking the Lord to let Charlie feel so happy from the beginning of our meeting, just because he was picked, and he knows we'll love him.
Don't forget YOU were picked by GOD Himself, so He must think you're pretty cool!
Have you ever felt like Charlie probably does? Like you're all washed up: things are hanging out, spreading out, and falling out, and giving out that weren't before? Maybe you feel like your get up and go done got up and went, but that's okay, because you can do something else.
I felt like that after our last child left the nest; because I'd been a Mother for almost half my life; running them here, running them there; listening, and enjoying all the stages (well, most of the stages they went through.)
I read a really good story that has stuck with me from years ago, of an oriental woman who was using heavy machinery outdoors, when suddenly it malfunctioned and the woman lost her hand in the process. As she lay in the open field screaming for help, the woman looked up to GOD. She could have said in self-pity, "Why me Lord?" but she looked up to the Lord instead and cried, "What now my GOD? What now?" The woman ended up running an elderly women's home for those who could still do for themselves for the most part, but just didn't have anyone to care. This woman cared for them and helped them to see their value. In doing so, the Lord showed her, her value. So, don't wallow around in self-pity. Ask GOD, "What now my GOD? What now?"
He'll show you, He's not finished with you yet.
Father, You said You have a plan for me, and a purpose to give me hope and a future, so I ask You to show me, What now, and help me to plug in to it with a passion that pleases You; instead of giving in to negative thoughts and behaviors, in Jesus' Name, thank You, Amen.
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