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What a Beautiful Hopeful Promise

I don't pretend to know anything; but I would like to speak to you from what I feel is the Lord wanting me to relate
some things to some parents.
If two parents disagree on the discipline of the child or children, one of you is not obeying GOD. You need to know which parent it is. (Don't lean on your own understanding.) Sometimes a parent discipline's how GOD teaches in His Word, but they do it in anger. Don't discipline your child in anger, or else you teach them to be controlled by feelings (anger.) You are not the one who should be punished for your child's wrong behavior, they are!! Stop giving yourself tears, headaches, knots in the stomach, and anxiety over your child's wrong behavior, or else you are teaching them to manipulate with their anger, or other emotions. If two people disagree on the discipline in the home, one of the parents usually lies, and teaches the child to lie. Example, "Don't tell your Daddy" or, one parent will take up for the child and tell the other parent, "They said they were sorry." One parent is obeying the Lord and how His Word teaches us to raise our children "in the fear and admonition of the Lord." One more thing: How ever you allow your child to talk to their authority GOD put in charge over them (which is you parent), that is how you are teaching them to talk to GOD later in life, because He will be their Parent when they leave your home. If you allow your child to say, "NO!" to you, guess what you are teaching them in the way of how they will relate to GOD later in life? I don't think you want them to say, "NO!" to GOD, so please learn this very valuable lesson now. There are several really good Verses on GOD's way of correcting; teaching, and guiding our children. One is, "Train up a child in the way he "should go" and when they are old,
they will not depart from it."
What a beautiful hopeful promise to us. GOD bless you Parent who is raising your child/children GOD's way, in Jesus' Name, may He bless you with strength to do right by them, boldness and courage to follow through, and the love it takes to not "spare the rod for their much crying, and spoil the child." GOD will protect your obedience and humbling your will to His.
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