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What’s Missing?

Good Morning All! We are living in a time where people are over stimulated with more daily bread than any of us can even consume in one day. We’ve heard every song; rhymed every rhyme; read every sign, every quote; heard every joke; watched every movie, have an over-abundance of outfits to wear; choices of what to drink; plenty of left-overs the next day, and yet we feel incomplete. What is it? Not speaking of money, we are all as wealthy as the richest man on earth, and we d...on’t even know it.
So, what’s missing? I believe what is missing is, we are not meditating on GOD’s Word enough, not hiding it in our heart’s so we are not double-minded; not hiding it in our heart’s so we have a Word in due season for those who are in need of hearing something besides Christian clichés, and the “famous” Scriptures. When I say that, I mean, most of us know John 3:16, and we know the “happy” Verses in the Bible, and throw out the rest.
Let us branch out and memorize Scripture songs from YouTube; read a Book of the Bible we haven’t read in a long time and intentionally put what we read to practice.
In my sleep one night years ago, The Lord asked me in my spirit, “When you read the Bible, do you read it to know the Bible, or to know Me?” It so startled me. I said, “I don’t know: I probably read it to know the Bible, but I bet I read it to know YOU from now on… help me to remember this Lord Jesus.
The Lord has blessed us today with an increased hunger for more of His Word. That is the empty we feel, for His Word is Alive, and when we have a lack of it, we don’t feel as Alive as we do when we’re filled. We have an unlimited supply of His Words all about. We can listen to it on the way to work, or at home cleaning house, changing diapers, or whatever we’re doing. Instead of looking up Psalm 91 or another familiar Chapter to listen to on YouTube, venture out to Proverbs, or Galatians, or some other book of the Bible. It is so refreshing to listen to it over and over, you get something different in it each time.
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