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When You Call My Name

What will I be doing Jesus, when You call my name?
Will I be praising our Father, resisting the urge to complain?
Will I be doing a kind deed or speaking a word of hope?
Will I be pulling a neighbor up, and helping them to cope?
Death has an appointment, and only you know when it is:
Will our Father see I’m doing my will, or His?
Will I be forgiving, or holding onto debts?
Will I be in faith believing, entering Your rest?
O, what will I be doing Jesus, when You call my name?
Will I have fresh oil in my lamp, or will I be ashamed?
Help me live my life O Father, from this moment on
Speaking, serving, doing all in the Name of Your Son.
When you call my name Jesus, I want to hold my head up high
Until I get to You, then bow before You El-Shaddai.
May I bring some souls with me: those You have saved?
O, I hope that's what I'm doing when You call my name!

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 01-09-16
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