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Where Are The “Real” Christians?

The most difficult part to me, of being a Christian
Has nothing to do with any religion
It is rejection from those you love
Because you are different and keep your thoughts above
You don’t think you’re at all better than them
You just want them to know Jesus, since no one’s better than Him!
It’s hard because no one wants to be themselves
The lost sheep don’t seem to want to be w/anyone else
And some who call themselves “Christian” point their finger at everyone else.

A true Christian loves GOD and wants everyone to know Him
So they can know His love: He understands everything about them.
A real Christian can be misunderstood - they don’t think you’re bad, and they are good
They’re not looking for members to add to their Church
A real Christian’s just looking to help you off with your hurts!
They want to help you shake off anger and depression
Anxiety and fear, Hey! That’s their mission
They’ve been where you are and know your position
Thing is, only the sick and wounded are in need of a Physician.
I’ve been where you are where you only feel you’re existin’
Where other lost sheep are the only ones who listen;
But they don’t really hear you or feel your pain
You wonder if you matter, tired of playin’ the game!
A real Christian understands that and knows where your help comes from
They don’t always know how, but they want to help you overcome.
Their focus is to please the Lord, and help you get forgiveness for your sin;
Coz’ they’re an audience of One, they’re not out to please men.

I know about rejection - Jesus does too
He was despised and rejected by the religious goody-doo’s
He’d be laughed at today if He entered some people’s church
Coz’ He’d bring some street people, maybe even some with dirty shirts
In fact, He’s looking today for those who will admit
They’ve got an addiction and don’t know how to quit;
Some are deeply involved in adultery and are snared
And have no idea where to go to from here
Are you enslaved by your lust and wear a disguise?
And hate yourself for your ongoing lies?
Jesus loves those who others cast aside
The world sees a tramp but He sees a Bride!

See, Jesus loves the world’s rejects, when the religious ones say, “You’re through!”
But I wanna know who’s a real Christian…. Are you?

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 02-13-16
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