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Is your guilt real, or is it false guilt from the devil? A precious young woman cried and told us her Mom passed away while she was in jail. She cried out, "If only I could make one phone call, just one to Heaven, I want to tell her I'm sorry!" O the pain of guilt and shame. It's important, if you're feeling guilt and shame, to remedy it a.s.a.p. GOD's Word says, "If you confess your sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousne...ss." We can make things right with the people who will let us. There is another Verse that says, "A gift given in secret pacifies anger." Like a pacifier in a baby's mouth, it really does work. If you know an angry, unforgiving person, try sending them gifts in private without them knowing who sent them, and watch their anger start to diminish. Just a thought.
A while back, a woman screamed out in agony, "Where was GOD when my son died?"
Inside my spirit, I was hurting so bad with her as I asked GOD, "Father, where were You?" He was hurting too... I felt it as He screamed out in my spirit, "I was at the same place I was when My Son died!"
We don't have to have answers for everyone; but we do need always to have loving arms, and understanding. I heard a story about a young boy who saw his elderly neighbor sitting on his porch chair who had just lost his wife of many years. He asked his Mom if he could go visit him, and she said he could. While visiting, the Mom would look out the window every now and then to make sure her son was ok. Each time she did, she noticed her son was just sitting there, not saying a word. When the boy came home, she asked him how the visit went, and her son replied, It was great!" "Did you talk to him?" his Mom asked. "No." he replied. "Well, did you sing him a song or tell him a Scripture?" He replied, "No" again. "Well then, what did you do?" The young boy told his Mama, "I just helped him cry."

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