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Where are Your Chosen Few?

O GOD, what has happened to all the people who used to live for You:
Who called evil "evil" and good "good? Where are Your chosen few?
So many being caught up in sorcery: drugs at every turn:
Hearts that ignore Your reproof, I'm so afraid they'll burn.
O Lord, I remember, just 5 years ago,
I almost got caught up in a sin, You were there, You know.
Then You sternly warned me, “Lest you think you stand,
Take heed to my reproof," You said, "and turn at My command!"
Thank You so much for warning me before I grieved my Lord:
And for hiding me in Your chamber, and teaching
me to take up my sword;
You taught me this was the devil trying to distract me from You,
To keep me from being effective in lives and living out the truth.
I came so close to being deceived, but You showed me what to do.
And, If I had given in to the sin, I would not lead anyone to You.
O GOD, that was a close call: I praise Your Most holy Name:
I was almost the devil's pawn while he was running a game.
Sin is abounding, but may it never be heard of me
That I gave in to any sin that took me into captivity.
May I love You and love others more than ever before:
By glorifying You on this earth, and finishing all
You gave me to do Lord.
In Jesus' Name, Amen.
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