Where Is He?
Tara drove over to someone's house today where there was going to be a party, with lots of food, and games. When Tara arrived, she loved the aroma of the candles, and the food: there were lots of people already in the dining room There were others sitting in the den watching t.v. who introduced themselves to her, welcoming her to the party. There were many decorations, lovely to look upon; then the hostess introduced herself and to her husband and son. The woman said all the people were from her Sunday School Class. Tara wanted to know the Lord, but didn't know how to ask. She went from room to room, looking for some sort of sign: maybe in a conversation, or a plaque on the wall with a rhyme. She stayed in each room for a while, hoping for a clue. Still she couldn't find Him (Oh, if only they knew.) At the end of the meal, Tara was looking around the room: the hostess asked, "Tara, can I help you? What are you looking for, or whom?" Tara, looking kind of sad replied, "I've been looking for Him!" "There are a lot of people here" said the hostess, "and I know the lights are dim." Someone else spoke up and said, "Maybe I know the man. Tell me his name, and I will help you find him if I can." By then, Tara began to cry, then very clearly exclaimed, "I can't find Jesus anywhere, and that's the reason I came!" Tara left sobbing, and never saw the Lord. The hostess and her husband quickly ran to open the door. They wanted to go and find her, when suddenly a light shone. They realized an angel had been to their home. We must look for every moment, for a lost one may be in our midst, or someone who is hurting, or lonely and needs a friend. Let us keep the eyes of our heart open and attentive; for the stranger may be an angel: so let this be an incentive.

This is actually a dream I had night before last that really shook me up. I pray it blesses you and keeps you awake, as it does me.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 12-08-14
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