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While You Are Sleeping

How many times do you think your heavenly Father checks on you throughout the night?
My youngest son's oldest son often makes requests to his Dad as to how many times he expects to be checked on throughout the night. One night my son was tucking this same son, Hunter, in for the night when Hunter asked, "Dad, how many times are you going to check on me tonight?" His Dad asked, "How many times do you want me to?" Hunter was laying there as his Dad was in the doorway. Hunter held up 10 fingers; then he flashed those same 10 fingers over and over while his Daddy counted, "30, 40, 50.... up to 80." His Dad said, "Wow! 80 times? Well, I'll try, goodnight Son."
Around midnight, before my son went to sleep, he checked in on his boys in both of their rooms. He said he kissed Hunter on the forehead, rubbed his little arm that was outside his covers, then put it under the covers, planted one more kiss on Hunter's forehead and left the room.
The next morning, Hunter went storming into the kitchen where his Dad stood, and with hands on his hips, Hunter said, "Dad, why didn't you check on me last night?"
His Dad said, "I did. I checked on you several times, and the last time was midnight. I even kissed your forehead twice, rubbed your arm before I put it under the covers so you wouldn't get cold in the night." When his Dad told him that, Hunter got the biggest smile on his face, and was bubbling over happy the rest of the morning before school.
Let me encourage you dear Reader: if you have been born-again and GOD is your heavenly Father, then He is watching over you as you sleep. I believe it is important to acknowledge our need for Him. David in the Psalm 4:8 said, "I will lay myself down both in peace, and sleep; for You alone O Lord, make me to dwell in safety."
Did you ever like to watch your baby while they were sleeping? I believe GOD does that with each one of us. Don't think about anything tonight; unless you need to confess some things to Him and ask Him to cleanse your heart, so nothing will be on your conscience. After that, just put it all in His very capable big strong Hands, and leave it there, and sleep. The Lord Jesus bless you as you do with a peaceful, plentiful, good night sleep.
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