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Who is that in the Mirror?

I was reading in the book of James 1:22-24 this morning where we are told the importance of being a doer of the Word of GOD, and not a hearer only, deceiving ourselves. The Lord lets us know in verses 23-24: For if anyone be a hearer of the Word of GOD, and not a doer, he is like a man looking at his natural face in a mirror: for he sees himself, and goes his way, and right away forgets what he looked like.
When I read that just now, it made me think back to... the time I was supposed to go pick up my brother one day and take him somewhere, but I got a late start and was running around the house like a coo coo bird that morning. I got everything in the car I needed, along with my make-up bag. Before starting the engine, I put down the sun-visor, quickly put on my eyeliner and noticed a new kind of make-up someone had given me to try. I was used to wearing foundation from a jar, but this one was from a stick. I opened the stick, presuming I use it the following way: one streak across one cheek, then the other; one streak across forehead, one down the nose, another across the chin, and two up the neck, then I blend it all in.
Well, I did all the streaks in the mirror, but that took up so much time, I decided to blend it all in later out in the parking lot when I got to where my brother was.
Well, you can just imagine what happened. Just like the verse said, I forgot what I looked like since I no longer had a mirror before me. I got to the place of business where my brother was, quickly threw the car in park and hurried in. On the way up the walkway though, something peculiar happened: a UPS truck had also pulled up and parked. The guy got out and was walking up the same path with me when we both looked at each other and greeted one another at the same time. The man was cordial till he did a double-take; then his eyes almost popped out of his head, and he suddenly looked afraid. I thought he was about the strangest person I had encountered in a while. When we got to the entrance, he opened the door like a gentleman to let me go in first. When I thanked him and walked passed him, he guarded himself well as he held his head back, not to get too close to me. Like I said before, he was one peculiar dude!
My brother had been sitting in the lobby waiting for me, so when I stepped in, he stood up and was walking toward me when suddenly he got the same look on his face that the UPS man had on his. It was then I finally remembered about the stripes I had put all over my face that I forgot to rub in. UGH! He didn't waste any time; my brother said rather loudly, "What in the world happened to your face Dawn?" Since that time I have been a lot more careful about completing what I started. *Father, in Jesus' Name I thank You for Your Word that lightens our pathway behind Jesus' footsteps. Help us to remember to be a doer of the Word, and not a hearer only today, that we might please You fully. Amen.
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