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"With Contentment"

We have this Bible Verse on our wall: "Without peace and holiness, no one will see GOD." Whew weeee, that's heavy sometimes; because I have found myself trying to have peace when I wasn't having the right thoughts, and The Lord nudged me and said in my spirit, "You're not going to have peace without holy thoughts." I love it when He corrects me like that, or else I'd continue in my own foolishness. Sometimes I don't love it right away though... it may take me a minute or two before I submit to it.
The beautiful part about it is two-fold: we have the promise that when we "Put on the mind of Christ," and get our thinking lined up with His, we find great peace to come with it. "Godliness with contentment is great gain."
"With contentment" is the key. Sometimes we are doing right; but we sure want to do wrong; but GOD wants us to be content to please Him. That contentment comes when we feel in our spirit the joy our obedience brought our heavenly Father. That same joy of the Lord is our strength. In the presence of our Lord there is fullness of joy, and at His right Hand, where Jesus is, there are pleasures forevermore.
Father GOD, thank You for the promise of "peace" when we choose right thinking; when we choose to please you instead of our flesh; when we make the decision we will not give a piece of our mind, but we will be patient, long forbearing, kind, not easily provoked, but tenderly affectionate, pleasing You. Help us to keep in mind when someone rubs us the wrong way, you are using them to smooth away the rough edges in us so our light will shine brighter. You are cleansing away evil from our own heart, and ironing out the wrinkles, so we may be presented to our Father not having spot nor wrinkle: a bride fit for our King." In Jesus' Name, Thank You Father, Amen.
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