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With Nails in His Hands

With Nails in His Hands, and His Hands in wood!
So disrespected and misunderstood:
Yet He loved so deeply and without regret
Those who mocked Him, who scorned and spat.
Love in the flesh walked this earth
Suffered and withstood every hurt
So we would know He knows how we feel
To suffer a loss, a grief, an ill.
Jesus let them press the crown of thorns into His Head;
So He could aid us in our sufferings when we cry on our bed.
Jesus let them curse Him and spit in His Face;
So He could bless us when we hurt and when we feel disgraced.
Jesus let them hit Him over and over again
So we would know He took our every sin.
Jesus took the bruises and the stripes and nails too;
So He could give healing, and forgiveness to me and you.
GOD let His Son die, and in His death, He took our grief;
What kind of love is this, that He would suffer to bring us relief?
Then, so we could live eternally with Him,
He died, and conquered death, then He rose again;
Just so we could have the same resurrection power
Making us come alive to live for Him each hour!
O GOD, all I can say is, You are truly GOOD!
Jesus, You really were at Your best with Your Hands in wood!
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