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Psalma Mama aka Dawn Gwin

You Are Mine

I am so happy; how could I not be?
I have a wonderful Father, and Jesus loves me!
I've been forgiven for the guilt that I've worn:
He said, “You are Mine: that is why I was born."

I'm not alone, He said He understands
All of my emotions from the world's demands:
I asked Him, "Jesus, You mean You feel my hurt?"
He said, "You are Mine: that is why I lived on earth."

All of my spiritual debts have been paid
I have been born-again; I'm no longer enslaved;
I cried out to Jesus, and was not denied:
He said, "You are Mine: for those tears I died."
His resurrection power enables me
To live for Him and to see what He sees:
I have a love for mankind in my heart that GOD gave:
He said, "You are Mine: that is why I rose from the grave."