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You Can Too 11-17-14
I grew up and went through some hard times. You did too!
Later in life, I had a lot of healing to do. You can too!
I couldn't love because it hurt too bad. I protected myself and kept everyone at a distance. I couldn't heal until I fell on my face and poured my heart out like water before The Lord. You can too!
I held nothing back. He could handle all my venting, and ranting and yelling. He was patient with my words and lack of understanding.
When I was honest and told Him everything I was guilty of, and confessed the wrongs of those who hurt and abused me, He was there, listening, loving, understanding. He told me He would wash my slate clean, that I was forgiven, and those I asked GOD to forgive, He forgave. He told me I needed to forgive myself, so I did. You can too!
This really happened. Just a thought I was thinking.
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