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You Need Him

Who is like The Lord our GOD, our King Who rules over all?
Nothing can separate you from His love: nothing NOTHING at all!!!
Who can talk Him into breaking a promise? Who can
make Him look small?
Who can convince Him you are not worth His effort? No one,
NO ONE at all!!!
Don't you want to know Him as your Advocate? You need Him
to go between...
You and the enemy of your soul who is cruel, he wants you dead, he is mean!!
You need Him as The Lamb of GOD to take what you deserve;
In fact, He did, He took your punishment on Himself at the Cross dear Lady, dear Sir.
You need Him as The Resurrection to raise you up out of darkness,
to Light;
You need Him to take out your stony heart, to do a transplant, & give you a new life.
You need Him to be your Shepherd, so you'll know where to go;
You need Him to wash you in His blood, and to cleanse your soul.
You need Him to be your Judge; because He doesn't point His Finger:
He reaches out His Hand to pull you out of the wringer.
You need Him as The Lord of all lords to instruct you in the truth;
You need Him as The Man of sorrows to aid and comfort you!
You need Him as your Corner stone, so your house will stand;
You need Him as your Master: He's The only One
Who can understand.
You need Him as your Faithful & True Witness Who alone
knows all things;
You need Him as your Rock to cling to when you have no strength.
You need Him as your High Priest to take your prayers to The Father;
You need Him as The Door, and if you're thirsty, He is
The Living Water.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, you need Him all the time.
How could you turn Him away? Hear Him say,
"I just want to be your Father, and for you to be a child of Mine."