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You See Something Different

Father, You send Your angels to catch me when I fall:
You never said I wouldn’t go through any storms at all.
You’ve seen the horrific things I’ve been through, I can’t seem to forget.
Others have seen hard things and moved on, but I haven’t yet.
You’ve seen me when I’ve tried and failed, time and time again;
You’ve watched me stop trying, when I’ve finally given in
To the temptation of what I know displeases You,
You’ve seen me try to hide. You hear my excuses too.
I don’t know how You stay, You never once pulled apart:
You don’t look at what I’m not outside. Lord, You see my heart.

You see what I want to be more than anything!
But the person in the mirror looking back at me
Reminds me I will never be more than what I've been;
That's when I hear Your loving Voice Lord speak to me again:
“I love you! Go and sin no more, for I have set you free:
Come and abide in My Word beloved, and learn of Me.
Let me heal your past hurts from other people’s sins!
The devil has a plan for you too: are you going to let him win?
As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than yours:
Jesus is the only way to Me, you cannot choose two doors.
He is the Door that leads to Me, the path is difficult and narrow;
But will My Eyes not stay on you more than they do on the sparrow?
Jesus overcame on earth to show you He understands
All that you must overcome too, and all of life’s demands.
If you believe the battle is Mine and that I will cause you to triumph,
Your works will prove it as you get out of the way, and accept My guidance.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 03-09-15

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