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Your Family Will Be Protected

To all the Dads in the world, wherever you may be
It’s time you realize you have got a real and cruel enemy:
If he can tie you up in knots, and stress you to the max;
Or tempt you to fear, and to believe your house is made of wax
That it will melt when life gets hard, and things get really hot:
GOD is listening to your prayers, but your enemy will tell you,
“He’s not!”
When a strong man, fully armed, guards his house, and stays alert,
His family will dwell safely, and they will not get hurt;
But, if he is a coward and runs away instead,
His enemies will smell fear and rip the helmet from his head.
If you will be brave and stay for better, or for worse my friend;
And ask GOD to teach you how to love until the end:
He will also teach you how to fight and to use your authority
That is part of your inheritance: to make the demons flee.
If you don’t use your weapons, the enemies of your soul wins
Then they can defeat your family, and steal your possessions.
It is your job to stay close to GOD, to honor Him and obey:
Your family will be protected when you learn to use Jesus’ Name.
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