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Your Kingdom is Not a Destination

Father GOD, Heaven is Your throne, and earth, Your footstool. You reign forever as King over all! You are set apart as none other! None can compare to You! None can look down on You! None can tell You what to do! None can teach You nor give You instruction! No one’s will is above Yours! You have the say so, whether or not we will succeed or fail, live or die, conquer or be conquered, live blessed or cursed, rise or fall we are in Your Hands! We are under You, not over You; in Your care, not our own; in Your Hands, not alone; under Your authority, not governed by our wants and wishes.
Your kingdom is not a destination, but a habitation; a dwelling place for our hearts to live. That dwelling place is in the center of Your rule and reign as King over our lives. Your purpose for me living on this earth, is to please my King. O that I would hear You clearly, and do so!
You said my heart will be where my treasure is. Where is my treasure Father? Only You know. If I look for my heart’s treasure and desire, would I search by micro-scope? Would I search the stars, and rent out a telescope? Would I check on the internet? Could I find it there? Where is my heart’s desire… my treasure… Lord, where? If I follow the map that leads to my secret treasure, there wouldn’t be an address to GPS my greatest pleasure. O GOD, I fear the map would lead me right back to the start; but as I follow it, I pray it will lead me straight to Your Heart.
May my heart seek to please my King, and not look for You to please me.
It is Your will that I prosper financially, so I may meet the needs of others. You said if I give in abundance, it will be given back to me. You said if I give beyond that even, where I see a need, even if it is $5.00, I am planting a seed. You said when I give like this, I am lending to you, for me not to worry when I am in need, for it will be there.
It is Your will that I am in good health, so I may use my strength in other’s weakness. Thy will be done in me as it is in Heaven.
It is Your will I forgive and release anyone who has ever wronged me, so they may be pardoned.
Thy will be done as it is in Heaven.
Father GOD, Your will is that I not be alone, but to be a help-mate to a godly man who is faithful to You and will always be to me. Your will is that I be faithful to You, prepared for him, and to be faithful to him all our days. Thy will be done here now, as it is in Heaven.

Thank You forever!
In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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