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Psalma Mama
aka Dawn Gwin
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Keep Focused!
If you stop to think about whether or not to keep going, you'll fall backwards and not be able to climb. So, keep going, keep pressing to upward heights; keep loving and forgiving and you'll reach the top in no time! You'll trip up from time to time, and someone you love sure can hurt you sometimes, but don't try to wipe the dirt clod off right away, or else it will smear and leave an even bigger mess. Just wait, and pray blessings on them even though you want to knock em' out. You will stay in GOD's graces that way, and a good conscience of walking in love sure feels better than regret. I have given you all the abilities you need; so see yourself as I do: you're going to make it with your trust in Me: take courage!
I am climbing with you, and loving you no matter what! 
- Jesus
Psalma Mama aka Dawn Gwin
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