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A note from the author, Dawn Gwin, aka Psalma Mama

At one of the lowest points of my life, I had just received some very dreadful news by phone.
I went walking to clear my head and relieve some stress. When I found myself at the local mall, I had become mentally and physically exhausted, leaned up against the building and slid down till I sat on the concrete underneath. I had never felt so unloved and forgotten as I did in those days. At that point, I didn’t care who saw me as I finally gave in to the stored-up emotions I had, and cried and cried and cried. So many people walked by me as I sat against that wall with my face in my hands, but no one ever offered a kind word, or assistance, until one person spoke a phrase, and kept walking.
The phrase was, “GOD loves you!”
I knew nothing about GOD, but since no one was allowing Him to use them to help me, I wasn’t seeing His love.

A lot of years have gone by since that day, and this phrase is what led me to write this book entitled, “OK, GOD LOVES ME… SO WHAT NOW?” This book is filled with short quotes that I have experienced first-hand about GOD for myself, and this is how I know each one to be true.
I wrote the book so I could be the one allowing GOD to use me to show you His love.

Happy Reading!
Follow this link to view at Amazon or, perhaps, to purchase it if you wish.
Follow this link to view at Amazon or, perhaps, to purchase it if you wish.
Check out two books written by Dawn Gwin a.k.a. Psalma Mama